Helpie FAQ

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CreativeImage’s AI Art FAQ

  • How Long Does AI Image Creator to Generate Pictures?

    CreativeImage’s AI picture generator has been prepared for a long time. Powered by AI algorithms and trained many images for super realistic results. It can give you an amazing image within 3 seconds.

  • Can I Create Multiple Images at Once?

    Of course,  CreativeImage’s AI drawing generator supports 3 images created at once. You can choose the best one from them to use.

  • Any Tips to Create Better Images for Text Prompts?

    The more image description you input, The more amazing picture you get.

  • Can You Guarantee Unique Creations?

    The answer is yes. It cannot create the same image from the same text description. AI image creator uses the algorithm to create a new image based on your description every time. And you can create unlimited images.